advanced facial treatments

Advanced Facial Treatments mins $
Guinot Double Ionization Hydradermie 60mins $139
An amazing treatment that gives immediate visible results! Deep cleansing, exfoliating & hydrating, micro currents are used to infuse active ingredients deep into the skin. Increased micro circulation along with a relaxing massage to heal & oxygenate your skin. This red carpet treatment will leave you with lasting results. Fantastic results when performed as a course of 3 treatments.
Age Logic- Double Ionization Hydradermie 75mins $159
The Age Logic Hydradermie incorporates specific gels & serums for the eyes, neck & face to target ageing & maximise results.
Hydra Lift Facial Ritual 60mins $135
This new generation treatment is Guinot’s answer to the non surgical Face lift. Using micro-currents designed to motivate muscle action to firm, lymphatically drain, detox, rehydrate & increase micro circulation. We recommend a course of treatments for best results.
Renew & Rejuvenate Facial Ritual 75mins $145
Save yourself a trip to the plastic surgeon with this amazing rejuvenating treatment that will reveal a more revitalized looking you. This must have treatment combines the softening properties of a Bha peel with a rejuvenating Diamond & Crystal Microdermabrasion treatment. Followed with an intensely hydrating massage & mask this one is not to be missed!
Light Therapy Facial Ritual 45mins $80 / 10 T’ments $700
Experience the latest in non evasive treatments for glowing youthful skin. Firstly we perform a Bha or Glycolic Peel followed by the LED Light to treat your skin concerns. Whether you are looking to strengthen& repair, reduce redness , boost collagen production & cellular activity , minimize fine lines, banish acne & minimize scarring, tone tighten & detoxify light therapy is able to treat 1 or several concerns. Recommended as a course of 10 weekly treatments for superior results.
Increase Your Facial Performance by choosing one of the following add-ons: $
Clarifying Facial Mask $30
Aromatics Facial Mask $25
Eye/ Neck/Brow/ Jowl/Bust lift $25
High Frequency $25
Lymphatic Drainage $25
Microdermabrasion $49
Light Therapy $45
Our highly trained therapists recommend professional skin treatments every 4 to 6 weeks for optimum skin health.
Professional Peels $
Several types of professional peels are available depending on skin concerns. A series of peels can be performed weekly to treat concerns such as Pigmentation, Sun damage, Premature Ageing and Breakout. Your therapist will prescribe the best treatment programme to meet your individual needs and maximise your results. Ask your therapist today!
Glycolic Peel $75
Add to any facial $29
Course of 3 $250
Reveal Peel $92
Course of 3 $250
Aspect Cab choc/Pigment Punch Peels $92