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Advanced Body Treatments

Body Enzyme Therapy

Revise and Refresh! This deeply exfoliating, strengthening, and firming Enzyme Treatment is specifically designed for the body. Body Enzyme Therapy contours while encouraging the skin to perform better. It increases circulation and lymphatic drainage and strengthens and firm’s skin. It is excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, as well as the treatment of ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body. Target your arms, breast or chest, back tummy, thighs, booty and legs.

½ Body $190
Full Body $320
Add on to a Skin Treatment ½ Body $149

Body Sculpting – Firm & Lift Body Sculpting

Like it or Lump it! Help’s to minimise the appearance of cellulite and discover a firmer body. The DMK Body Sculpting Wrap is a treatment designed to help re-shape and sculpt the body. It assists in revising the appearance of cellulite and unsightly puffy areas. By creating a Thermogenic effect it increases circulation and aids in the removal of waste. It has a firming, tightening and toning effect on skin of the body, leaving the appearance smooth and sculpted.

45mins $159
Add on to a Skin Treatment $145

Body Firming Program

Lose weight and re-shape 10 week program P.O.A.